SpiderTech™ Distributor Partners

SpiderTech is available worldwide from our network of distributor partners, dealers and retailers. If you are looking for SpiderTech in your country contact your local distributor below or contact us to inquire about distribution.

North America
B.Y. Group (Canada)
Peak Performance Products (Canada)
Fitter International (Canada)
Vitality Depot (Canada)
Patterson Medical (United States)
Scrip Hessco (United States)
North Coast Medical (United States)
Medco Supplies Div. of Patterson Medical (United States)
OPTP (United States)
Direct Supply (United States)
QBP (United States)

Latin America & Caribbean
SpiderTech LA *
UNO Sports (Costa Rica)
Deportiva Internacional (Republic of Panama, Venezuela, Guyana, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Aruba, Trinidad, Curacao, Ecuador, Belize, Bermuda)
SpiderTech Mexico
SpiderTech BR (Brazil)


BAT SPORT (Poland)
KTR enterprises (Ireland)
Patterson Medical (France)
Gersdorfer (Germany)
MarMed (Germany - Medical Professionals Only)
Patterson Medical (England, Scotland, Wales)
Sune Sport (Norway)
Sportimex (Netherlands)
Sporthomed (Switzerland)
Go Create Performance (Slovakia & Czech Republic)
Konik (Slovenia & Croatia)
A2K Sport (Estonia)
Sport Suport (Romania)
Svea Sport (Sweden & Denmark)
Trademark (Iceland, Greenland & Faroe Island)
Tribe Station (Portugal)
WRC Sport (Belgium & Luxembourg)
Saucony (Greece, Cyprus & Bulgaria)


Nitto Denko (Japan)
My Sports Stuff (Singapore)
Kaz ProSport (Malaysia)
Arsenal Ltd. (Russia, Kazakhstan & Belarus)
Siam Ball (Thailand)

Africa & Middle East

SpiderTech SA* (South Africa)
Beck 2 Back (Israel)
METFITPRO (Middle East, Iran, Egypt)
Viva Atlantis Pharmacy (Ghana)


Practitioner Supplies (Australia)
Oov NZ (New Zealand)

* NOTE: SpiderTech Latin Americas and SpiderTech South Africa are independently owned and operated


More about SpiderTech Kinesiology Tape

Easy to apply 1-2-3 alignment step by step instructions.

SpiderTech is the preferred choice of professional athletes and Olympians.

Longer wear time - pre cuts have rounded corners to avoid getting caught on clothing and avoid premature peeling.

made in canadaMade in Canada.