SpiderTech kinesiology therapy tape products provide me the comfort and support that I need to perform my best on the court. SpiderTech's superior materials and adhesives give a better feel, last longer, and retain the physical integrity that I need to keep playing harder, longer.
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Li Na, Tennis Player, 2011 French Open Champion

As an Olympian, it is important that I compete often and at the highest level to be at my best. I have competed in the last three Olympic games and so training hard is a way of life. SpiderTech helped me train at my very best and helps keep the pain away. It is simple and easy to use and lasts through my hardest workouts. For anyone who wants to take their game to the next level, I recommend SpiderTech.

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Leryn Franco, Olympic Javelin Thrower, Paraguay

At the start of my recovery, when I was riding outside without the tape (SpiderTech), it was extremely painful. Then I got the tape, and the difference was amazing. It was suddenly not painful to ride anymore. And then I realized that if I didn’t tape, it would make a noticeable difference the next day. I’d be in so much more pain if I didn’t use the tape. I feel like it really sped up my recovery.
– Levi Leipheimer is one of the top U.S. professional cyclists, finishing 3rd in the 2007 Tour de France. In early 2012 he broke his fibula in a collision with a car while training but, in part thanks to SpiderTech tape, returned to competition in the Amgen Tour of California in May, finishing 6th.
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Levi Leipheimer, Pro Cyclist

I can't live without Spider Tech. I wear the pre-cut upper knee tape & the shoulder tape all the time for running & swimming and it makes such a massive difference!! I also love the X Spider which is now carried at GNC! It can go anywhere! Got to LOVE that!! Thanks Spider Tech for making a difference in my training and racing!!!
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Jenny Fletcher, Pro Triathlete

In October 2012 I truly thought my days as a professional were over. Spidertech stepped up and showed a belief in the athletes it had already invested in and worked to ensure that our development would not disappear in spite of a crumbling program. They also worked with me as a human being, supporting me through tragedy, helping me find a program like Champion System and providing me the time to find my way back to the bike. Spidertech has never shown me anything but kindness and a belief in what I was capable of in the sport. Because of them, and the support of a great Canadian brand, I am having the season of my life. The tape has held me together trough physical injuries this year. Their support has helped me find a way back from emotional ones. Without sponsors like Spidertech in Canada, Canadian cycling would not be half of what you are seeing today and I am just happy Spidertech believed in all of us even more than we did in ourselves at times.

Zach Bell, Pro Cyclist


I have always been fairly healthy throughout my career but the demands of being a professional mixed martial artist takes its toll. I was looking for something to help me reduce soreness, inflammation and pain between training sessions. I found an effective, safe, and legal remedy with SpiderTech tape. Since I started sleeping over night wearing the tape as well as training with it on, I have noticed an increased range of motion in the areas it's been applied to. I'm not nearly as sore between sessions and days after heavy training. All of this has increased my performance throughout the end of my training camps when traditionally most athletes are beat up and not performing as well as they have in the middle of their camp. The healthier you are the more technical work you can participate in."

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Brian "The Predator" Rogers, MMA Fighter

SpiderTech Tape is credited with helping me become a 2-time Ironman winner, and allowing me to compete again after a life-threatening biking accident. I suffered numerous broken bones including my clavicle and scapula, as well as contusions and lacerations to my head and neck. I remained in the intensive care unit for days in a sedated state and on a ventilator. I was fighting for my life, not Ironman titles.
I began using SpiderTech during my painful recovery as I started training again. On August 12, 2012, I was able to defy medical odds and won the 2012 U.S. Ironman Championship by an incredible 13 minutes and 14 seconds over the second-place finisher.
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Jordan Rapp, Triathlete, 2012 Ironman Champion


The most effective way I've ever dealt with pain... just stick Spidertech wear it hurts, and get back to work.
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Adam Van Koeverden, Olympic Sprint Kayaker

While training for, or after a race, aches, pains and more serious injuries are just part of sport, SpiderTech tape helps me manage pain and greatly improves my recovery time.
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Simon Whitfield, Triathlete, Olympic Gold medalist

Throughout all of my long and arduous training days, SpiderTech tape keeps me loose, recovered and performing at my best for each and every workout. -- Dotsie Bausch, 2012 Olympic silver medalist and 7-time U.S. champion.
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Dotsie Bausch, Cyclist, Olympic Silver medalist

I raced the Ironman World 70.3 Championships last weekend and won my age group by 30 min. It was cool for me as I was a double world champion this year. That does not happen very often! And truly without spider tape I am not sure it would of happened like that. It is amazing how that helped my hamstring.
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Laura Sophiea, 2-Time Ironman World Champion

On January 23, 2013 I tested the effect of spidertech tapes on muscle activity using surface electromyography (SMEG). There was a significant increase in muscle activity of the posterior deltoid muscle when I facilitated it. Untaped muscle activity was measured at 378.9 microvolts, and post facilitated measurement was 578.92 microvolts. I will be doing a more rigorous trial on 15 athletes soon.
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Kompass Health Associates

Hard to believe a funny piece of tape can alleviate pain! But it does, by slightly changing your movement patterns through proprioception. Using the different configurations available meant that I was able to use it in various situations, dealing with an injury, a crash or just for better body alignment when I was dealing with muscle tightness.
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Ben Day, Pro Cyclist, United Healthcare Team

I had some bad crashes this year in the northern European spring classic races. After a crash I would be bent out of shape and sore all over, dreading getting on the bike the next day. With the use of SpiderTech and proper physical therapy work I was able to recover faster and be more comfortable on my bike for the next days racing!
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Jake Keough, Pro Cyclist, United Healthcare Team

SpiderTech tape for me has saved my career. It’s been a tool that I’ve used since my injury and it’s helped me through every step of the way. I have it on right now and I really haven’t taken it off since 2009.
– After shattering his kneecap in a collision with a car while on a training ride in 2009, professional cyclist Lucas Euser was told he’d have a hard time walking again — much less race a bike. But with the help of SpiderTech tape Euser returned to racing and is now riding better than ever for Team SpiderTech powered by C10.


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Lucas Euser, Pro Cyclist

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